The Kovrd Paint Tray Bag

​The revolutionary new tool for painters that:

  • saves time
  • saves money
  • protects property
  • prevents spills
  • guards against accidents
  • keeps paint and tools wet for days - even weeks!
  • no need to clean up each time you stop painting 

Available at quality paint stores throughout Canada and the USA!

Fits up to 18" paint trays and
5-gallon buckets perfectly too!

See how it works

*For more on why painters love Kovrd, see what professional painters say about the Paint Tray Bag below.

Painters LOVE the Kovrd Paint Tray Bag!

Not very often are we lured by the latest gadget that comes out to make painting 'easier'. Kovrd, however, have proven to be more than just useful – it’s time saving which means it’s also saves us money. Kovrd paint tray bags help our crew spend less time on daily clean-up and more time painting. Kovrd has become a standard part of our tools on both interior and exterior paint projects.

Heidi Nyline
Warline Painting Ltd

​Keeps the jobsite tidy and helps prevent accidents.

Find Kovrd where you live!

​Keeps multiple colours
fresh and ready to use.

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